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I wrote programs of two phase lattice gas automata in Cellang. I used the Rothman and Keller method. This is the most important program, a postscriptfile of my diploma thesis (Sorry, its german; 1057261 byte after gnuzip) and here a few visual impressions.


Daniel H. Rothman and Jeffrey M. Keller, Immiscible Cellular-Automaton Fluids, Journal of Statisical Physics 52 (1988) 1119

U. Frisch, B. Hasslacher, Y. Pomeau, Lattice-Gas Automata for the Navier-Stokes Equation, Physical Review Letters, 56 No.14 (1986) 1505-1508

Stephen Wolfram, Cellular Automaton Fluids 1: Basic Theory, Journal of Statistical Physics 45 Nos.3/4 (1986) 471-526

Some Code:

Jürgen Dollinger