Some pictures with simple initial conditions

These pictures show an automaton after 1, 200, 800, 1200 and 3000 timesteps. There are particles with zero velocity included.

Here a similar simulation with reversed particles. There are only particles with unit velocity. In both automata the green particles have a lower viscosity than the red ones. The size of the automata is 128X128. A pixel is green if there are more green than red particles at a site, its black if there is no particle. At the upper edge there is a wall (blue; reflects particles to incoming direction) else there are periodic boundary conditions.

With random initial condition

A nice separation experiment. There are particles with zero velocity included. We have periodic boundary conditions, no walls. You can see the automaton after 1, 50, 500, 7000, 20000, 100000 and 180000 timesteps.

The same you can see here as an mpeg-movie.